Preventative and restorative treatments for your skin, including hand and foot care, make a tremendous impact on how you move through the aging process and feel about yourself along the way.

In addition to treating visible concerns, our student practitioners can assess and advise on elements across a broad spectrum of wellbeing, including the connections between diet, exercise, stress and the health of your skin.

Services and pricing


Facials can delay the signs of aging by increasing collagen production and improving skin elasticity, tone and texture. Facials can open up your pores to eliminate blackheads and allow your skin to absorb essential product nutrients while stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic drainage during the facial massage to increase oxygen to the skin, promoting an overall feeling of wellness. Regular facial massage can improve your skin's firmness producing a more radiant appearance

All classic facials at the DC Spa use Moor Spa skincare, with 100 per cent naturally sourced ingredients that are cruelty-free with CertClean certification in Canada.

Our esthetician students will conduct a consultation to determine your skin type and recommend the classic facial best suited to your skin needs.

ADVANCED FACIAL TREATMENTS Delivered By DC Esthetician Spa Management Graduates

It features European Diego dalla Palma dermo-cosmetic clean cosmetic formulas with ultra-concentrated top-quality pure ingredients to ensure optimal skin penetration and absorption at a cellular level for maximum results.

Benefits of Microdermabrasion –

A non-surgical treatment that gently buffs the surface of the skin, promoting new skin growth, collagen production, restoring smoothness and firmness to the skin. This treatment reduces the appearance of fine lines, age spots, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin texture and tone.

Advanced Facial Services

Benefits of Chemical Peel treatments – Designed to visibly reduce wrinkles, acne scars, skin imperfections and uneven complexions.


A therapeutic treatment for your feet that supports chiropody, a pedicure can even help improve posture as a result of the improved comfort one feels after walking on feet that have been properly cared for. All services begin with a consultation during which your student esthetician will conduct a needs assessment to determine a plan to meet your goals.

All pedicures at the Durham College Spa use transformational products by CND, BLC Organics and Gehwol.

Pricing as shown includes all taxes.


A therapeutic beauty treatment for hands that can help improve the texture and health of fingernails and skin.  Manicures promote relaxation using gentle compression of pressure points during hand and arm massage which correspond to other parts of your body.

BODY TREATMENTS delivered by DC Esthetician Spa Management Graduates

Featuring Moor Spa Seaweed Gel Body Mask and - 100% naturally sourced ingredients, cruelty-free, cert Clean-Made in Canada

Benefits of a Body Treatment- Body treatments rejuvenate and relax the body plus purify and nourish the skin, promoting improved circulation by increasing blood flow to the skin surface, allowing moisturizers to soothe and hydrate the skin better.


Achieve smooth, stubble-free, even skin by removing unwanted hair completely from the root. Waxing helps with reducing ingrown hairs, allowing you to enjoy finer and sparser regrowth between appointments.

All waxing treatments at the Durham College Spa are delivered using a pure botanical line of soft and hard waxes made from the purest, basic ingredients, yielding a quick, painless waxing experience.

Eyebrows (under, over and between the brows) | $7

Lower leg (includes knees) | $15

Full leg | $25

Underarm | $10

Lower arm (to the top of elbow) | $10

Full arm | $15

Back (to the navel line) | $20

Chest (to the navel line) | $15

Upper lip | $5  


Achieve fuller-looking, naturally smudge-proof brows and lashes for a transformative look where the shape and colour lasts three to six weeks.

Eyebrow tint | $7.50

Pricing as shown includes all taxes.


Who provides esthetics services at the Durham College Spa?

All services are provided by student estheticians from the college’s intensive Esthetician – Spa Management program, under the guidance and oversight of faculty who are all experienced estheticians and beauty professionals.